Vilotelia: Athens Welcomes New Reservations Management Company – GTP

Reservations management company Vilotelia recently opened its doors in Athens, offering an innovative set of tailor-made services addressed to the needs of apartments/rooms to let, villas and hotels in Greece. The company’s aim is to assist tourism professionals reduce operational costs and improve their return on investment.

“Our goal is to increase occupancy rates throughout the season, as well as the average price per room. This can be achieved with the optimum management of reservations through phone and Online TAs (, Airbnb etc.), and the collaboration with tour operators and travel agencies,” the company’s management said in an announcement.

Furthermore, Vilotelia provides consultancy services, while designing and applying profitable but also affordable solutions based on the needs of each lodging company.

According to Vilotelia’s founder and CEO, Serafim Sanidas, the company’s main advantages include: the more than 20 year experience of its executives in the hospitality industry (with excellent education and training); the use of innovative technologies; collaboration with large tour operators; and strategic partnerships with leading companies in hospitality regarding channel manager, booking engine and PMS software.

Moreover, Vilotelia is committed to offer the most profitable but also affordable solutions for each company.

“Tourism professionals will find an attentive partner in Vilotelia, who will provide them with the necessary know-how and tools to turn a tourism accommodation facility into a profitable enterprise,” Sanidas said.

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